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NOTE: Please do NOT change the eyes or skin on the accounts. I like them the way they were. If you have already changed them, please change them back. Thank you


Username: eddie19039

Password: 1234567890

Username: valentines_king

Password: cherry16

Username: rockstar5668

Password: widget2


Username: lol5903

password: 554321

Plz don’t hack lol! She’s special! :)

Username: paperclip125

Password: pop987

Username: 3_civic_hope_3

Password: 2kewl4u

Username: lylalie

Password: muffinmunchkin12

Username: shaffan4a

Password: princess1

Username: pretty_violeta

Password: oh_yea11

Username: slushipup1903

Password: KNXZghjz555

^That’s not my real account even though it’s my username. My username on Fantage is ashely1903

Username: myrandomblog

Password: knxzghjz555

Accounts by PinkStarBritney

Username: jacyfan
Password: jpu44y

Username: blissinstars
Password: mk66o1

Username: red_ninja_fire
Password: iloveyousomuch1

Username: princeharold
Password: beyourself1


Username: eddie19039

Password: 1234567890

About Eddie19039

Eddie19039 is a male Non-Member Fantagian. Eddie19039 has some ecoin items. Eddie19039′s level is currently: Level 36 from last updated. His title is Fantage Rookie.

Username: hey4878

Password: 2011o9

About Hey4878

Hey4878 is a female Non-Member Fantagian. Hey4878 has a few ecoin items. Hey4878′s current level from last updated is: Level 28. Her title is Fantage Rookie.

Username: flipflop920

Password: sally6

About FlipFlop920

Flipflop920 is a female Non-Member Fantagian. Flipflop920 has some ecoin items. She is currently from update: Level 21. Flipflop920′s title is Fantage Rookie.

Fantage Contest

Fantage Contest

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